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Fasnacht dtl  

CArnival in Rapperswil-Jona

The carnival season in Rapperswil-Jona actually begins on 11 November at 11.11 in the morning. The strange sounds of Guggen music bands (carnival marching bands) resound for the first time on that day in the alleys of the Old Town of Rapperswil and the members of the Schellegoggi Society - the successor to the old lads' fraternity 'zur Sau' - gather in the dignified setting of the Town Hall's council chamber for a merry banquet with a regional or even national VIP as guest of honour.



The first highpoint for the Fasnacht revellers in Rapperswil-Jona takes place every year during the weekend preceding 'Dirty Thursday'. The Schellegoggi Society organises the Rapperswil Fasnacht in the Old Town of Rapperswil. This is rounded off every time on Sunday during a colourful parade.

Local clubs, groups of parents, cliques and Guggenmusik bands from near and far parade with their decorated floats on a traditional route through the streets and alleys of the Old Town of Rapperswil.


The Carnival celebrations continue on Dirty Thursday in Jona with the 'Schübeldonnschtig'. The Bruderschaft zum Wurstkranz (Sausage Ring Fraternity) invites visitors to partake in a 'Schüblig Banquet'. Humoristic cabaret numbers dissect the highlights and lowlights of the social and political year just ended. Guests of honour are also invited, who have the opportunity of making their mark with funny and original speeches. The Carnival Parade organised by the Sausage Fraternity begins at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the centre of Jona. Children receive vienna sausages and bread whereas for adults the night is only just beginning in the pubs of the immediate vicinity and further away. 

Carnival celebrations in Rapperswil-Jona conclude with the Eis-Zwei-Geissebei on Shrove Tuesday. This allegedly dates back to the siege and destruction of the city by Rudolf Brun in 1350. At the time, sympathetic town dwellers handed down food through their windows to the hungry children. This is remembered in the custom celebrated today: after the traditional Herrenessen (men's dinner) in the Town Hall with distinguished guests and a cabaret programme, hundreds of expectant children gather on the main square of Rapperswil. At precisely 3.15 pm the windows of the banqueting hall open up and a fanfare can be heard. In reply to the question: 'Sind alli mini Buebe doo?' (Are all my boys there?) a chorus of voices replies: 'Joo! Eis - Zwei - Geissebei!' (Yes! One - Two - Goat Leg!). Then, sausages, bread rolls and Biberli (sweets) rain down from the windows of the banqueting hall onto the children on the square. Following the Austeilete (distribution) there is intense activity in the pubs throughout the evening. At the end of the Carnival celebrations the carnival marching bands gather at the Schloss for a roaring monster concert.



Rapperswil Carnival: 
from 17th - 19th February 2017

Carnival Parade Rapperswil:
19th February 2017

Schüblig Banquet and Carnival Parade Jona:
23rd February 2017

Eis-zwei-Geissebei: 28th February 2017


Schellegoggi Society Rapperswil
Urs Ingold

+41 79 654 71 73

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Fasnacht fraternity of the Wurstkranz Jona
Bruno Huber

+41 55 212 47 26


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