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Weihnachtsbeleuchtung Rappi8  



Thousands of small lamps are lit up during Advent in the Old Town of Rapperswil. The variations in colours and shapes create an illumination that invites you to take a varied walk around the city, guides you through quieter and more lively zones, through more brightly lit and more subdued areas of lighting and gets you into a pre-Christmas mood all thanks to this suggestive play of lights.


This Christmas illumination was conceived by the three people at Team WAG Lichtkonzepte. The illumination was completed in 2010. The three lighting designers created a lighting concept for the Old Town of Rapperswil that takes into account the unique nature of its alleys and squares despite its uniform system inasmuch as it emphasises this individuality using different colours, elements and arrangements. The small lamps are hand-painted in various colours, in some cases with two coatings, so that they shine more or less brightly as the case may be. Marktgasse, the main square, Klug- and Halsgasse, Engelplatz, Schmiedgasse, Webergasse, Herrengasse and Eiergasse are all illuminated.


The highlight is the main square where a fabulous spectacle opens up before your eyes. A sea of lights made up of 1,280 individual lamps, mostly white with a few blue lamps in between, creates the impression of gently falling snowflakes.



Weihnachtsbeleuchtung Jona1

The tradition of Christmas illumination in Jona already spans many years and now as before continues to be very popular with locals and visitors.




2 different Christmas illuminations in Rapperswil-Jona


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