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KKJ Umzug  


The Klaus Committee Jona is an independent association with the aim of upholding the Samichlaus tradition and maintaining it alive in the future.


The Samichlaus period kicks off on the 1st Sunday in Advent with the Arrival of Chlaus in Jona. The red Samichlaus, dressed as a bishop, departs from the Jonerwald woods at 5.00 pm with his various Schmutzlis and his donkey crossing Johannisberg to Schulhaus Dorf. During this journey he is accompanied by two classes of schoolchildren with torches and is met by the Einschellergruppe Benken at the edge of the woods. A brief ceremony takes place on the grounds of the village school building at around 6.00 pm before each child receives a small surprise from the Schmutzlis.


Early December the Samichlaus visits families, children's nurseries and school classes, organisations specialising in remedial education, retirement homes, children's playgroups and associations. The visits to families usually take place between 5.00 and 8.30 pm. The Klaus Committee Jona seeks above all to bring the children from Jona, Wagen and Bollingen closer to one another. This is why children's associations are mainly visited - however, if requested, the Samichlaus can also attend celebrations for adults.   


Registration for Chlaus visit

The application forms for visits to families are sent out in October or can be obtained from the Stadthaus in Jona or in the Catholic church community house Jona.



Arrival of Chlaus: 1st Sunday in Advent, 5.00 pm
Joner Wald - Johannisberg - Schulhaus Dorf


Claus Committee Jona (KKJ)

+41 79 569 56 43

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