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Chlaus Lenggis  

Chlaus GROUP DISTRICT CLUB Lenggis-Kempraten

For over 50 years now, the Santa Claus Group of the Lenggis-Kempraten district club has maintained the Santa Claus tradition in the club's area. The Santa Claus figures and the Schmutzlis (who accompany Santa Claus and have blackened out faces) are not evil men from the woods, but rather they make children's eyes light up during the pre-Christmas period.


The Chlaus parade takes place on the 1st Sunday in Advent at 6.00 pm. A Himmelschlaus, as many Schmutzlis as possible, a donkey, a dozen children playing music and singing and many hard-working assistants help to create an Advent mood at the school building Paradies Lenggis.     


The visits by Santa Claus take place around 6th December. They visit families between 5.00 pm and 9.00 pm. Each Chlaus arranges his visit in his own particular manner. Some tell stories while others recite a poem they themselves have composed.


Registration for Chlaus visit

The application forms for visits to families are sent out in November or can be collected in Landi Lenggis.



Arrival of Chlaus: 1st Sunday in Advent, 6.00 pm
School building Paradies Lenggis


Chlaus group district club Lenggis-Kempraten

Tel. +41 55 210 00 08

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