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 gleitschirm PMO  


Tandem And paragliding flights

Tandem flights are offered here ranging from spontaneous individual flights to organised company events with up to 30 persons. Various types of flights and training courses can be booked, depending on the weather conditions, in the Zurich Highlands, Sarganserland, Central Switzerland, the region of Einsiedeln or Hochybrig.


Tandem basic:

...the option for first-time flyers
400 m height difference/ 10-15 min. pure flying time
CHF 150.00


Tandem classic:

...the favourite and most booked option
400-700 m height difference/ 15-30 min. pure flying time
CHF 180.00 (incl. a free introductory day)


Tandem maxi:

You have a tandem pilot all to yourself for a whole day. You decide how many flights,
...from mountain to mountain, 
or thermal flying
...from cloud to cloud.
CHF 500.00 per day


Introductory day:

...from the first hop flight to a mini-flight.
On the introductory day you familiarise yourself with the paraglider, perform the first inflation exercises and practise short flights on the practice slope, with radio guidance from a flight instructor.
CHF 120.00 per person


Pilot's licence:

...from pedestrian to paragliding pilot.
Become a professional pilot.
CHF 1,600.00 one-off payment excl. equipment



Flying is linked to a new awareness for life, fascination and pure feeling.


PMO-AIR Paragliding Mythen Obersihltal
Pia Maria Oechslin
Trottenstrasse 47
8037 Zürich

+41 79 370 51 21

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