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Polenmuseum gr  

Polish Museum

The museum was founded in 1870 by a Polish emigrant Count Władysław Broël-Plater with a significant help of the Swiss supporters, gathered around the famous writer Gottfried Keller. Not only were they aiding the January insurgents, but they also supported the emigrants' efforts to create a Polish center of culture and history.


After the fall of the national uprisings the matter of preserving the Polish cultural identity became the absolute objective for the emigrants. The museum created in Rapperswil grew up to a rank of the Polish National Museum and its collection, established thanks to donations from all over the world, amplified as well. Rapperswil became a center for the Polish diaspora, bringing together the cultural testimonies and coordinating the political actions leading to regaining the independence.


The Museum of the Polish culture and history occupies the second floor of the castle in Rapperswil and reflects the changeable history of the institution. It certifies centuries old history of the Polish - Swiss relations, the activities of the Swiss in Poland and the Polish in Switzerland. It shows the Polish traditions, the history of fights for independence and faith, the history of the 'Solidarity' movement and winning the independence back in 1989. A special place in the museum's collection belongs to the Second Rifle Division, interned in Switzerland. Besides the art gallery, the museum presents the input of the Polish in the spiritual and material culture of Switzerland. Habitual concerts, soirées and conferences are held.





Opening hours
April to October:
Mon – Sun: 1 - 5 pm
November, December, March:
Sat - Sun: 1 - 5 pm

Closed: January, February, Easter Sunday, 24th, 25th, 26th December


Entry fee
Adults: CHF 5.00
Groups (from 11 persons) and students: CHF 4.00
Children 7 - 16 years: CHF 3.00


Polish Museum 
Schloss Rapperswil

Tel. +41 55 210 18 62
Fax +41 55 210 06 62

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