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Schloss und Stadtkirche    


Heraldric figures as unique distinguishing marks became necessary in the late middle ages when knights wore armour with closed helmets. It was essential to be able to distinguish friend from foe from far off. What mattered was that the content of the image had a simple design and was clearly recognisable and that it was also associated with a generally known meaning. Illustrations of animals and flowers were particularly suited to this purpose. The rose, above all, was especially popular; it transmitted joie de vivre, happiness and love. The preferred colours were red and yellow.


The male line of the Rapperswil family can be traced back to over 1000 years. The name derives from a family that originally came from the 'hamlet of Ratprecht' (ratprechtsvilare) from the left shore of Lake Zurich. The distinguishing mark on their shield was the rose, sometimes in the form of a single flower, sometimes two or three. The oldest illustration of the Rapperswil rose coat of arms still preserved can be found on the choir wall in the chapel of the Knights' House in Bubikon ZH and is said to date from 1192. It shows three red roses with short green stems.


The Rapperswil noble family moved its ancestral seat in 1200 from the old fort at Altendorf to the other shore of the lake and built a new castle on the rocky peninsula of Endingen with a fortified small town. Following the death of the last son and heir in 1283 its ownership passed into the hands of the Habsburg House and 175 years later Rapperswil became confederate. In the meantime the municipal coat of arms had found its definitive form: it consisted of two roses with long stems against a white background, apart from the golden centre, completely in red. Since 2007 and the unification with the neighbouring municipality of Jona, the old rose coat of arms now also maintains the blue undulating line of the Jona.






There are four rose gardens that can be visited in the Old Town.


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