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Eishockey 3


The Diners Club Arena which opened in 2006 and can accommodate over 6000 spectators is an ultramodern National League A ice hockey stadium. It is one of the most modern stadiums in Switzerland and is equipped with all the necessary infrastructures. The Rapperswil-Jona Lakers are based here. The arena and the annexed uncovered ice rink are also available for figure skating and public skating. 

unihockey kl


Floorball is also very popular in Rapperswil-Jona. Thanks to its well managed young talents department the 'Flames' can count on successful women's and men's teams. They are all able to take advantage of extremely good infrastructures. Many rinks are available (Grünfeld, Rain, Bollwies) and are designed in a way that means that they are also ideally suited to games and championships with spectators.  

Sportanlage Grünfeld


FC Rapperswil-Jona is one of Switzerland's biggest football clubs. The main sporting facilities of FC Rapperswil-Jona consisting of five soccer pitches and an artificial pitch are at the Grünfeld Sports Centre. Modern changing rooms and clubrooms can also be found there. The main pitch has a tribune with room for 800 spectators. It is possible to eat at the club's very own restaurant. 



Further football playing fields with all the necessary infrastructures are available at the Lido Sports Centre and in Wagen. A baseball pitch has also been installed at the Lido Sports Centre.

Gruenfeld Rundbahn2


At the Grünfeld Sports Centre track and field athletes have a synthetic training facility measuring 400 m with six lanes for complete circuits and eight lanes for sprinting at their disposal. There are also facilities for high jumping, long jumping and pole-vaulting as well as throwing sports (shot put, discus and javelin). The new finishing facility equipped with all the necessary infrastructures enables local, regional and national track and field championships to be held.



At the Grünfeld Sports Centre there is also an area measuring 7000 m2 set aside for fistball which is used by Faustball TSB Jona, some of whose teams play in the top Swiss divisions. Smaller and larger competitions are also held here. The infrastructure also includes a half-open clubhouse that can be used for events.



Handball playing and training facilities are provided by three large-capacity halls, all equipped with the very best infrastructure. Grünfeld with 740 seats (300 seats without the retractable tribune), Rain with room for approx. 300 spectators and Bollwies with room for approx. 300 spectators. For large events with over 6000 spectators the St. Galler Kantonalbank Arena can also be used.   


Beach volleyball/Beach soccer

There are beach volleyball facilities with six courts at the Grünfeld Sports Centre, of which three courts can also be used for beach soccer. The modern facilities which include a clubhouse are available to clubs and other interested beach sportsmen and women. There are further courts available for use at the Hochschule für Technik (university) and at Stampf Lido.

squash neu


This extremely fast and fascinating ball game can be played on two courts at the Grünfeld Tennis Centre. The modern glass rear walls allow spectators to view the games from an anteroom. The infrastructure at the tennis centre such as changing rooms, showers and sauna can also be used. 

Tennis aussen


Tennis enthusiasts have four courts at their disposal at the Grünfeld Tennis Centre. The special floor covering here enables games to be played as if they are taking place on a clay surface. The completely renovated all-weather exterior courts, Swissflex covering and synthetic turf are ideal for playing tennis out in the open. Players and spectators can let themselves be spoilt in the lovely clubhouse. The Rapperswil-Jona Tennis Club maintains five clay courts and is near to the city centre and lake. A further five clay courts with magnificent views are located at the Lenggis tennis club. Both tennis clubs have a cosy clubhouse that is ideal for relaxing after training or an exciting match.

minigolf neu


The outdoor minigolf course completed in summer 2005 is situated right on the lakeside path behind the Lido ice rink. The right place for an exhilarating round of minigolf or for holding championships.   

badi lido


The Lido swimming pool is located directly behind the St. Galler Kantonalbank Arena and has a restaurant with a garden terrace. Its infrastructure also includes a 50 m pool, a children's pool, a 3 m springboard and a large water chute. There are additional  indoor swimming pools for teaching purposes at the municipal schools Lenggis, Schachen and Hanfländer and at the Impulsschule (school) Wurmsbach.            



The idyllic Seebadi outdoor bathing area on Bühlerallee lies to the north of the castle and is ideal for taking a dip in Kempraten Bay.



The Stampf Lido is located at the point where the river Jona flows into the Obersee. The newly constructed bathing facility with its restaurant has ultramodern infrastructures and offers various attractions for young and old alike: springboard, water chute, splash pool, play area, beach soccer, volleyball and so on. A limited number of camping spaces are also available here. 



The Watersports Centre at the Lido is a national centre for canoeing. Apart from the large boathouse the infrastructure also includes generous changing rooms, a clubhouse and a fitness room. Training for canoe racing, canoe polo, amateur canoeing and dragon boating takes place regularly and courses are offered. The dragon boats can also be rented.         





Rowers are also based at the Watersports Centre and enjoy the same facilities as those available to canoeists. Competitive sport is catered to here as is amateur sport with various courses on offer.




HOrse riding

The horse riding school and boarding house is located right next to the Grünfeld Sports Centre. Various riding lessons as well as excursions 'on horseback' are offered there. Next to its very own riding arena there is also a horse jumping and dressage centre.  





The Grunau and Langmoos shooting ranges in Rapperswil-Jona provide the necessary infrastructure for an ideal grounding in shooting sports. They are used for various events. Both shooting ranges have their own comfortably furnished clubhouses. 



vita parcour2

Vita parcoursE/Finnenbahn

The 2.8 km long Vita parcourse is located in the Jona Woods. Apart from the height difference of 40 m and the 3.2 kilometres of high-performance activities, the lovely Vita parcourse is characterised by 15 posts with a total of 36 exercises. The 650 m long Finnenbahn is made up of sawdust and bark chips and the start is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Vita parcourse.   



Ironman Rad2


There are many other options for practising sports and sports facilities in the city of Rapperswil-Jona: aerobic, baseball, basketball, disability sports, BMX, bocce, fitness, judo, jiu-jitsu, karate, running meetups, wrestling, schwingen (Swiss wrestling), life-saving swimming, skating, sport fishing, diving, table-tennis, gymnastics, triathlon, motorsport. You will also find information on the individual sports clubs by visiting www.rapperswil-jona.ch.




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