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Camping ON Lützelau ISLAND

You can camp and go bathing on Lützelau Island, the holiday and leisure island, situated right opposite Rapperswil-Jona. There is a small kiosk selling various dainties such as fried fish nuggets, fine grilled food or pizzas.

Stampf camping1

Camping AT stampf LIDO

Apart from water fun and various facilities such as a volleyball field, table-tennis and a restaurant, you can also camp at the lovely Stampf public swimming area in Jona.


Camping AT atzmännig

This campsite nestles between the picturesque hills of the Prealps in Goldingen/Atzmännig. 200 nicely laid out camping spaces invite visitors to pause, of which around 190 are set aside for long-term campers.


CampinEuthal (2)

Camping IN euthal BY LAKE SIHL

The tranquil and idyllic campsite with its fireplace, right on the shores of Lake Sihl, caters to holiday-makers' every possible wish.


Camping BY LAKE Walen NEAR walenstadt

Holiday camping spaces for tents, caravans and campers. Right on the eastern shore of the clear waters of Lake Walen, approx. 1 km from the garrison town of Walenstadt. Around 100 residential, 70 occasional and 6 seasonal camping spaces. A total area of 20,000 m2 is available.


CAMPSITE Fischer's Fritz Zurich

The 'somewhat different holiday experience' at the only campsite in the city of Zurich. Here, the lake is bluer and the meadow is greener, the backdrop takes your breath away and the mood is merry. The perfect place for happy days spent holidaying by the lake, a visit to the city or a festival or a stopover on a trip towards the south. 



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